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Three reasons for LFP battery storage

When you are looking to store solar power, Lithium iron phosphate batteries are your first choice. They are more durable, safer and environmentally friendlier. Read on to find out why.

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Heat pump and photovoltaics - climate-friendly heating

Heating with solar power: The combination of heat pump, photovoltaic system and solar power storage reduces energy costs and CO2 emissions.

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5 reasons for getting a domestic power storage system

Independence from price changes, suppliers and the weather, subsidised, eco-friendly - this is what speaks in favour of a domestic solar storage system. We give you the five most important reasons why it makes sense to install now an intelligent power storage system.

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Sustainability made simple: Here are 7 How-to tips

In this blog we show you seven simple tricks for more sustainability. Learn how to improve your Carbon footprint on a daily basis and save money in the process.

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RCT Power achieves a top position in the University HTW Berlin's Energy Storage Inspection for the 3rd time

Our storage system consisting of the RCT Power Storage DC 6.0 and the Power Battery 11.5 is with an SPI of 92,6% the front runner in the category System Performance Index SPI (5 kWp). This is the third time in a row that RCT Power has achieved an outstanding result in the annual Energy Storage Inspection of the University HTW Berlin.  

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Tips for buying a power storage unit

Get some helpful advices for buying a power storage unit - no matter if you already own a PV-system or plan to buy it together.

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Selecting the battery technology for PV-storage system

Which battery technology is best suited for energy storage systems - lead-acid or lithium-iron phosphate batteries? Read more in this blog article.

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Charging an electric car at home - The how-to!

Are you planning to charge your electric car at home? Check out this how-to on RCT Power's blog to learn how you can charge your electric car at home.

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Storage System Design

RCT Power Designer: storage system design made easy

The high art of power storage system design is to match all components to the expected consumption. The better the power storage systems align to the consumption the more economically viable they will operate.

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Accomplish uninterruptible power supply with emergency power

Find out in this post what emergency power is, where it is needed and how it ensures an uninterrupted power supply.

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Monitor RCT Power Storage Systems with Solar-Log™

Optimization of self-consumption in combination with a professional monitoring and control of the PV-system have become essential for the solar industry. Therefore, RCT Power now offers besides the RCT Power APP also the possibility of monitoring the storage system with Solar-Log™.


'Energy Storage Inspection 2019‘ confirms: RCT Power's storage system is the best system in the category under 8 kWh

Berlin University of Applied Sciences (HTW Berlin) publishes the results of its annual Power Storage survey 'Energy Storage Inspection 2019‘ and confirms that RCT Power's battery storage system is again the best system in the category under 8 kWh energy storage capacity. The HTW Berlin is convinced that photovoltaic systems and efficient storage systems play a key role in tackling climate change.


SMARTFOX PRO – Energy Manager and Monitoring

RCT Power is now compatible with SMARTFOX PRO. The intelligent technology automatically redirects your excess solar energy to consumers within the home, to improve self-consumption and photovoltaic system’s efficiency.

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Storage System

pv Guided Tours presents RCT Power storage systems

Power storage for residential applications was one of the highlights of the pv Guided Tours at the trade fair The smarter E Europe in May 2019 in Munich. During this tour RCT Power was pointed out as an innovative manufacturer. Click here to see the video:

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Storage System

Taking a bath and heating with solar power

With the combination of a RCT Power storage system and an AC•THOR  from my-PV you can now use surplus solar energy efficiently and easily for hot water preparation and building heating.

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Storage System

Like a piece of cake – Installing a 40 kWh power storage in no time

The project team was tasked to meet the requirements for a KfW-Energy Efficiency Home 40. In addition to a heat pump, the best storage solution for a 30 kWp photovoltaic system had to be implemented. RCT Power solution fitted the specific project requirements best and the result is outstanding.

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Storage System

HTW Berlin: The best storage system under 8kWh is built by RCT Power

Berlin University of Applied Sciences (HTW) has published the results of their 2018 electricity storage survey (Stromspeicher-Inspektion 2018): The best storage system under 8kWh is built by RCT Power. A research team from HTW Berlin examined the performance data of 20 storage systems with a storage capacity of up to 10.5 kWh. The 2018 electricity storage survey thus provides a realistic view of the actual performance of the tested storage systems. Thomas Hauser, Managing Director of RCT Power GmbH, explains why the study is so important for RCT Power.

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Storage System

Now compatible: my-PV control units and RCT Power solar storage systems

Owners of PV systems can now make even better use of their solar energy. The energy which cannot be stored by the fully charged battery is simply diverted to the hot water storage tank. How does it work?

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Do we also see us at LinkedIn or Xing?

Follower wanted! LinkedIn or Xing - no matter where you are, RCT Power is also there! We welcome new followers and are happy to provide you with interesting updates in the area of home storage systems.

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RCT Power opens a factory in Suzhou

RCT Power invests into a production plant for battery modules and prepares for the increasing demand for photovoltaic storage systems.

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The Power Switch Box keeps your lights on, when everyone else is sitting in the dark

Power Switch Box is the new protection for photovoltaic systems. RCT Power has launched the new product in September 2017 to the market and several photovoltaic systems have since been equipped with the Power Switch Box. The Power Switch Box interacts with the battery storage system to keep the photovoltaic system fully functional while everyone around you is sitting in the dark. Your photovoltaic system continues to generate and store energy.

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Storage System

Flexible and upgradable battery system

The modular battery system from RCT Power can be upgraded and adapted to fit user requirements. The storage system grows to accommodate new energy consuming appliances, e.g. an electric car.

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Simply "Plug and Play"

At RCT Power we believe that wiring of a storage system should only take up a minimum of time. The installation should be fast and simple.

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